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Is a Permit Required to Replace a Water Heater in Tulsa?

Yes, a permit is required to replace a water heater in Tulsa to ensure that it was installed properly and doesn’t create a hazard to residents or building occupants. A permit also keeps your home or business compliant with the International Code Council (ICC).

A licensed plumber inspecting a new water heater installation in Tulsa with a permit.Because an improperly installed water heater can create several hazards (such as scalding, gas leaks, explosions, fires, water damage or mold from leaks, and even carbon monoxide asphyxiation), they are one of the most dangerous appliances in a home or business. A water heater explosion can be very powerful and has the capability to level an entire house. The blast can even cause significant damage to nearby homes or buildings.

Having a permit for your new water heater helps ensure that safety precautions are taken and code requirements are met through an assessment performed by a plumbing inspector.

Some homeowners and do-it-yourselfers have certainly bypassed the permit in an effort to save on installation costs, but they are putting themselves, their families, and neighbors at risk. Even if the water heater is installed properly, a lack of permit is noncompliant and may present complications when attempting to sell the property.

Be confident in knowing that your water heater has been installed safely and according to code, and get a permit. Permits can be found here, but the City of Tulsa requires plumbing (as well as electrical and mechanical) permits to be obtained by licensed contractors only.

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